Coming July 1, 2017 | Learn to identify what’s at stake, for whom, and how to manage homeschooling stakeholders and their expectations.

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Are you worried about how your kids will describe their education 20 years from now? Are you and you partner struggling to get on the same page? Are you concerned that the learning is irrelevant or uninteresting to your kids?

Start out on the right foot, together, and find out what success looks like for your family—before you make plans or launch into your homeschooling adventure.

What’s in the Course?

Learn how to:

  • Identify your stakeholders and pinpoint their:
  • Values and beliefs about learning and knowing
  • Needs as stakeholders
  • Desired outcomes
  • Learning requirements/objectives

In addition, learn to:

  • Blend external requirements—like, academic standards or state/legal requirements—with other learning objectives.
  • Create a vision for success.
  • Manage stakeholders and their expectations over the course of your homeschool year.

This course includes:

  • Multiple video lessons
  • 2 Workbooks (PDF)
  • Exercises and examples to clarify points
  • A lesson tracker to chart your progress
  • A self-assessment tool to help you identify your knowledge and skills as you integrate learning into daily life
  • The Courageous Indie Foundations journal designed to transform learning into a hands-on resource you can use for day-to-day planning
  • A certificate of completion to help you keep track of your personal development

Who’s the Course Instructor?

Liz Ness is the indie mom behind this course (she’s, also, the founder of Courageous Indie). Together with her husband, she’s been homeschooling her son for over five years, infusing all sorts of things she learned as a trainer and a senior engineer in the tech industry. Turns out that process engineering, project management, and teaching others are great skills to have when homeschooling!

She developed this course to help you get on the same page, move in the same direction, and make your homeschooling journey a relevant quest for the entire family.

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